Friday, 11 November 2011

Elf total face brush

This is another Elf product. It's the Elf Total Face Brush, from the budget range of brushes. 
As the name suggests this is a brush for applying powder all over the face. It has a very large top and therefore it is great for dispensing product evenly over the face. It has very soft bristles and therefore feels very soft to touch. It picks up a lot of product so I would recommend removing the excess product before applying it. 

The only problem that I would have with this product is that their is a large amount of dye on the bristles. Even when I wash it now, and I have it for over a year, the dye still runs. It doesn't happen when I use cold water.
The packaging is very simple. It comes in a clear plastic pocket that can be sealed again if you want to use it for travelling. There is also a brush cover over the bristles.
The price is ridiculously good. It was only €1.50. 

Would I buy this again? Yes

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