Sunday, 31 July 2011

Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara

Supercurl mascara was a part of the Urban Decay Urban Bride set that I posted about recently.  
This mascara is described as having a formula that will give 'perfectly sculpted lashes get boost, seperation and tons of pretty curl'.  It also claims that the formula 'boosts curl, separates lashes, and literally crafts each one into an expertly shaped, battable set'.  I only have the travel size version of this since it was in the set. 

This is a very easy mascara to apply. The curvy brush gives extra curl while easing the application.  It is also easy to apply to lower lashes as the curve moves with the lashes.  The mascara itself is also very smooth.  

The colour is also very black which I like.  

This mascara lasts for so long. I can apply this in the morning and it will last even if I am going out that night. I consider this to be a very good lasting time. Even though it lasts all day and doesn't flake it is also very easy to remove, I use the facial scrub that I usually use.

The mascara that I have is 5.4ml or 0.18 fluid ounces, however the full sized bottle is 9ml or 0.3 fluid ounces. I really like the design on the bottle.   
As I received this as a present and it is a travel size I don't know the price of this bottle. However, the full sized bottle costs $20.00 and is available as Urban Decay. It is also available from the House of Fraser and costs £15.00 

Would I buy this again? Yes.  

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Posh Caddy With Mini Set To Go

These are the first POSH brushes that I have used and I love them.  I got them about two years ago as a Christmas present and before that I had never heard of them.

There are four different brushes in this set. There is a powder brush, angle eye shadow brush, concealer brush and an angled eyeliner brush.  They come in a zippered purse and also come with a faux leather brush organiser.

I'll start with the smaller things like the purse and the brush organiser.  The purse is great for carrying the brushes for travel. There is a separate pocket for each brush and it's easy to just wipe it clean, if the brushes are not clean when placed in the purse. The brush organiser is good for holding the four small brushes and other slim brushes, however it is not good for holding other brushes or those with larger handles.

Now onto the brushes.
Powder brushes
I use this for applying powder all over my face and I have also used it for applying blush on my cheeks.  This is a very soft brush to use and it is not stiff at all. It is also very soft to touch.  It picks up just the right amount of product.  This brush has a dome shape. It is a travel size brush so therefore is small.
Angle Eye Shadow Brush
I use this brush for applying eyeshadow. Even though it is a small brush there are a large number of bristles which can make it more difficult to apply small amounts of eyeshadow. Therefore, I use it to apply the first layer of eyeshadow as the base coat.  This is also a very soft brush both in feel and also regards the bristles.  It does pick up a lot of product.

Concealer brush
If I had to pick a brush in this set that I liked less than the others then it would be this one, however it is still not bad.  This is a very soft brush to touch but the bristles are still stiff enough to pick up enough concealer.  It is a small travel sized brush.

Eyeliner brush
This is my favourite brush in this set. It picks up just the right amount of eyeliner and also gives a very thin line, which I love. I think this is my all time favourite out of the eyeliner brushes that I have tried.  The brush feels soft so it doesn’t hurt or irritate my eyes but it is also firm enough to create the thin line. 
I can not remember exactly what packaging this came with since it was about two years ago since I received it. However, I think it came in a clear plastic wrapping. 
Since this was a present I don’t know the exact price. However, I found the site it is available from and it costs $25.00. It’s available from POSH.

Would I buy this again? Yes. I would love to buy more of the brushes that are in the range. However, the site doesn’t deliver to Ireland so will have to look for it locally.  

Friday, 29 July 2011

Sites of the Week: 29 July 2011

Since the summer is here it is time again for summer legs. This is a good posts on waxing to help get ready.

Having tips on the ends of your hair and faded ends seems to be very popular this year. If you are brave enough to try it at home here's a guide.

Stylish dressing. The French are certainly stylish.

It you need a challenge this is definitely one. This girl went without a mirror for 100 days.

Need a simple new dress give this a try.    

Running low on shampoo, these are some great natural ways to solve that problem. I have tried the baking soda and water and it does work. I removes all the built up product and really cleans the hair.

Here's a very quick make-up routine and some good make-up application tips.

A little off topic but if you like baking this is a great series of cakes.

Penny's Blush and Bronzer Duo

Penny's/Primark was never a place that I would have associated with make-up products. So when I purchased this blush and bronzer duo I didn't have very high expectations.  When I saw the blush and bronzer in the box I knew that it reminded me of something and it turned out it did...Benefit's bronzing and highlighting face powder duo.  

This is a light shimmery blush and bronzer duo.  The blush in this duo gives a really nice soft pink glow. The bronzer in this is obviously darker than the blush but it is still light. 
Even though they are lightly coloured they still have good pigmentation and also a very soft texture.  I did at first expect that it would have a chalky feel but it really doesn't.  
It is also very easy to apply. I use a blusher brush and sweep it over my cheeks.  I have applied this in a variety of ways. I have used the blush and bronzer separately and I have also swirled the brush into both the blush and bronzer to create a darker pink toned colour. This can be seen in the last picture.
The brush that comes with the product is not good at all. It's too small to work with and it is also makes it very difficult to blend using the brush provided.  

This product does fade away a little over time. I will usually get four or five hours from this and will need to reapply it. This can obviously be a little annoying something, however I love the colour from the blush so I am willing to do this.  

The packaging on the product isn't terrible considering the price. It doesn't however look very expensive. It consists of a small pink box with the blush and bronzer inside and the lid fits onto the top. 

This blush costs €3.00 and is available in Penny's/Primark stores which carry their makeup range. 

Would I buy this product again? Yes. Since purchasing the first one I have bought another. 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

17 blusher: Plum Puff

17 blusher is described as a 'rosey cheeked to natural colour.' They also have a super soft micro-fine powder. They are dermatologically tested and fragrance free. I own three different shades of this blush. I will start with the shade Plum Puff.  
Plum Puff is the darkest of the 17 blushers that I own.  There is great pigmentation from this blush. I use a regular blusher brush to apply this and swatch it across my cheeks. I have very pale skin so I use this very lightly as it is darker than I usually wear. However, if you have a darker or olive skin tone this would be perfect.  

There is a very soft texture to this blush.  It is, however, not a matt blush. There is a very very light shimmer. It is not an over powering shimmer when applied though.  

This blusher lasts approximately six to eight hours.  I usually apply it in the morning when I put on the rest of my make-up and it will last me approximately six to eight hours.  I will sometimes have to reapply it, however this only happens on a rare occasion   

17 blushers come in a small black round case with a removable lid. The only thing I would change about this is if the lid wasn't completely removable as it can be difficult to balance the container, lid and use a blusher brush if it has to be reapplied when out. This is not a major problem however. 
It has been some time since I purchased this so I can't remember the exact price. I think it was approximately €5.50. It is available from Boots

Would I buy this product again? Yes.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Essence Stays on and on and on Mascara

On the Essence site, this mascara is described as a mascara 'for even longer-lasting, beautiful lashes, this mascara makes good on its promises. the innovative formula is not only long-lasting but it’s smudge and smear proof too. you’ll enjoy taking it off just as much as you do wearing it—with a little warm water, the mascara washes away. thanks to the sophisticated brush, each lash gets just the right amount of mascara and is perfectly separated for a breathtaking look!'.

This is a very smooth mascara and it also doesn't clump. The brush on this mascara is also good as it has thick bristles while not being too big for day time use. The bristles separate the lashes and allow you to spread them out.  This is also very easy to apply because of the size of the brush.
I love this mascara for day time use because it lasts all day long and there is also very little flaking even when in hot conditions.  I also find that this is easy to remove, unlike some other lasting mascaras. I use my usual face wash to remove this mascara.  

As you can see from the pictures, this mascara comes in a shiny blue bottle. It also has the brush applicator for applying the mascara.  There is 8ml or 0.27fluid ounces in the bottle.  
I think that this cost approximately €3.50, which I think is great for a mascara that lasts all day.  

Would I buy this product again? Yes. I have purchased this product twice already and will again.  

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Revlon Professional: Equave 2 phase

 Ah hair products. I think no matter what hair style you have there is always an endless quest to find the right products.  This product is from the Revlon Professional range. It the Equave2phase hydro nutritive conditioner. 

This conditioner claims to 'Treat simultaneously the internal and external parts of the hair. Nourishes, moisturizes and reinforces the structure of the hair fiber. Smoothes, softens, untangles and enhances the hair without adding weight'. 
This Instant hydro nutritive leave-in conditioner is for dry or damaged hair. These are both problems that I have with my hair.  It often gets damaged from the use of hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair curlers and also daily damage.  Also while the roots of my hair are oily, the ends can become very dry. After discussing this problem with my hairdresser, she recommended that I try this product.  
I apply this leave in conditioner to my hair in two ways.  Firstly, when I wash my hair I lightly towel dry it and then spray it onto my hair after I have combed it.  I feel that this prepares it for the use of the hair dryer. The second way that I use this is on dry hair.  If I feel that my hair has gotten dry or it is stressed from the day I will apply it to my hair to condition and soften it.   

I also like that this product doesn't make the roots of my hair extra oily. Even though I don't spray it on the top section, this has happened before when I use a product on the ends.  

 This is a picture of the bottle when it has been shaken before use.  Before I shake it the formula is divided into two parts and once shaken the product mixes together.
I forgot to take a picture of my hair before I started using this product, however this is one from having been using it for approximately two weeks. This is towards the end of my hair and it now appears less dry and broken.  

This product cost me approximately €14 and I will be purchasing it again.  

Monday, 25 July 2011

Weekly Quote

 “Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”

Friday, 22 July 2011

Sites of the Week: 22 July 2011

A nail technique that I will be trying soon. I will post about the experience.

If you want long healthy hair this is a great post for a little extra help.

Does you nail polish say something about you? Do you wear it to feel a certain way? Apparently it can say something about all of us.

I was a little surprised by this article but when I thought about it, it's probably very true.  I would  really recommend you read this one.

I think nearly every woman likes to look at wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, even if they aren't getting married. I found these lovely dresses by Vera Wang when reading 'The Budget Babe'.   I love the purple/lilac shoes in the last picture and also the corset top and puff bottom (in the ninth picture).

I am always looking for updo's that are easy to achieve. These are all very simple and don't require a lot of products to achieve.

Also hair related, this is good for someone looking for a new style or wants to get information on the one they already have.

I really like unusual pictures so I loved this one.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Oh online shopping...I love!

I recently made an order to ELF UK and I'm excited about what I ordered as I have wanted these products for a long time. I will of course be reviewing them once I have received and used them.   I ordered six different products.  I hope them arrive they usually do!

Blush and Bronzer Compact
Cool Bronzer
 High Definition Powder
 Nail Polish in Pearl
 Shimmering Facial Whip in Persimmon 
 Studio Matte Lip Colour in Nautral

Have you ever tried any of these products?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

NYX Doll Eye mascara in Black Long Lash

I had never used an NYX mascara before this one and I must say that I am surprised by how much I like it.  
NYX Doll Eye mascara in Long Lash claims to be 'the best alternative to fake lashes'. While it does give a longer appearance to eyelashes, I do not think that it looks as dramatic as fake lashes.  It gives lashes a soft feel once the mascara has been applied unlike some mascara that can make eyelashes feel think and almost crunchy.  I also like this mascara as it is enriched with Vitamin E, is hypo allergenic and is also claims to be safe for contact lenses. 

I wear contact lenses and this can mean I touch my eyes and this doesn't smudge or irritate my eyes.  

There is good longevity with this mascara.  This is not waterproof but still remains on the eyelashes while there is a light amount of rain, as I discovered.

When I received this it was packaged in a really nicely designed box, as pictured above.  The mascara bottle itself is a black plastic tube. The bottle is long with an oblong shape. This bottle contains 8g or 0.28oz.   

I purchased this on Amazon for £7.80. I don't know of anywhere that this is available in Ireland as NYX is not widely available here, unfortunately.  

Would I buy this again? Yes


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