Monday, 19 December 2011

How to help skin survive winter weather?

The cold weather is upon us and although Ireland is not extremely cold this year, unlike last Christmas, I am aware that some of you are suffering through extreme conditions. This can cause your skin to go crazy and not do what you want during the Christmas period. So here are a few tips to help you. 
Exforiation will get rid of any dry patches that develop because of the drying cold weather but will also develop new cell growth and will help to absorb moisturiser. I find that it is the best to exfoliation in the shower with a exfoliation glove or a brush and body scrub. Also ensure that you moisturise afterwards.  
I find that I have to increase the amount of moisteuriser that I use when it is colder. I will often have to change the type of moisteuriser that I use. Moisteurising within the first few minutes after showering will help to lock in any moisture. It is also important to start you something for your lips such as a balm as they can become increasing dry during colder periods. 
Even of you skin appears to be in great condition it s important that you are caring for your insides by drinking enough water. You should aim for the recommended eight glasses per day. It will help to reduce dry skin and you will have more energy. 
Expert advice
Obviously these tips wont solve every problem and are more guidelines. However, if you feel that your skin isn't in the condition that you want it then go to a dermatologist or make-up counter and they will give you more specific advice as to the exact type of products that suit you. 

I hope that these will help with the colder weather as it can be a nightmare to deal with. 

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