Friday, 30 December 2011

Sites of the Week: 30 December 2011

If you need to get some styling products for News years then this is a good place to start

Another issue for new years eve is what to wear on your nails...this post will help you to decide

If you still aren't in a festive mood this blog will certainly put you in one...really great outfits...this one is perfect for Christmas

Oversized clothes are always a problem this post is very helpful for reducing a larger t-shirt to fit perfectly. 

This will help you to limit the amount of products that you think you need. 

For make-up to look great the base i.e. your skin has to look good too, this chart will help with the effective supplements that you can take

I love being able to look at the older style of dresses on this site.  

Ever wondered where tanning came from, then you'll find this an interesting read. 

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