Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Weight scale

Weight is a troublesome issue no matter what end of the scale you are at. Whether it's being too thin or too heavy. While browsing through  BBC News I discovered this new measurement scale - Global Fat Scale - that has been developed. Researchers have developed the new scale to indicate where you weight is in relation to other countries worldwide and also to your own country.

Obviously it isn't going to be perfect but it's interesting nevertheless to see where you are in comparison.

My stats were as follows:

Obesity Index: 19 bmi
National: Below average (You have a lower BMI that 86% of females ages 15-29 in your country (Ireland))
Global: Below average (You have a lower BMI than 74% of females aged 15-29 in the world (Ireland))
Did you know? If everyone in the world have the same BMI as you, it would remove 56,566,271 tonnes from the total weight of the world's population.

So where are you on the scale?

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