Wednesday, 27 June 2012 it really out there?

Do you ever see one person and they always look perfectly groomed and presentable. Or know of someone who can achieve this and you never look put together even if it takes two hours to get ready in the morning! I have a few tips that I think will help as we strive for perfection!


* I'll start with the DETAILS. If you want a look that appears very put together and like it's easily achieved, it is all about details. The correct accessories, flawless make-up, well cared for skin (which can be a nightmare) and the list goes on......

* Perfect skin is not easy to maintain...or at least I find it difficult. I'm prone to skin breakouts, therefore this is a thing I find very difficult, although through some trail and...much error...I've found a few things that help...which will be for another post. But to look polished, clear skin is essential as it's the base for good make-up. If you have the time and money, it helps to get someone to advice you on your make-up and also on the correct skin care products. It really does make a difference. Moisturising is important not just for your face but whole body, along with wearing an SPF to avoid sun damage.  

* I'm very into how my nails look. Try to have clean and filed nails, if it takes too much time to apply a polish. When deciding on a polish, pick one similar to your skin tone or a shade darker for the day time as it appears more professional. If picking dark or bright colour, they should not be chipped.  

* Clothing.  There is so much to be said about this topic.  Firstly, clean and ironed is important. Secondy, accessories should match within reason, or at least in the same colour range.  Statement pieces can be great to revive an outfit, if done correctly. 

* Shoes. Similar to the clothing, clean is important. Shoes go through a lot so it in important that they receive care and are polished regularly or treated with a suitable product, depending on the fabric.  Keeping shoes, especially heels, re-heeled is also an essential task.  

* I think perfume is a great way too to add something more to your overall look, or scent in this case. There are so many to pick, so there's one for everyone! 

*Hair is also a tricky area. It's affected by so many things, for me it's usually the weather. Given where I live is either always raining or wet, it causes me great stress in keeping my hair looking perfect.  Hairspray is a great way to  help with the wind problems and there are so many types available that there is one for every type of hair.  I think trial and error also works in relation to hair, as no ones is the same and it does take a while to find one that is perfect for you. Even now I am in the process of changing what I do with mine.

I hope this helped and if any one has any extra suggestions for increased levels of perfection, we are always happy to hear them :) 

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