Friday, 29 June 2012

St Moriz Mousse Fake Tan

I don't always tan, usually it's if I'm going to an event or for a night out.  When I started using the St Moriz tan I thought it was brilliant and that was about a year ago. I used in a few days ago and had a very different experience with it.
The St Moriz Mousse is as indicated a self-tanning mousse.  The mousse has its benefits in that it is a mousse, not a spray and therefore, there is  no mist that can be left from spray tans. Many tans can turn a light orange colour, however, this is great as it is a non-orange colour, which I had not expected.  I applied moisturiser before I applied this tan and applied extra to my knees, elbows and knuckles, to ensure they maintained a natural tan colour.  It dries very quickly approximately five to ten minutes.  I usually loved this, however an experience with it two days ago changed my mind. It came out looking patchy and nearly all of it washed off my legs when I showered, which never happened before.  
I usually apply this a few days before I am actually going anywhere as it find it takes two days to get the colour I want, however, this might be because I use the lightest version available.  When I have achieved the colour I like, it will late approximately two days before I notice it starting to fade. Therefore, the longevity isn't brilliant.  But it does look natural.

As you can see from the pictures, the packaging is very simple. The fake tan comes in a white bottle with the name printed in large writing on the front in black. It is a pump bottle, which makes it very easy to dispense the mousse and it's easy to use when wearing a tanning mitt or glove.
This fake tan costs €4 so it's very inexpensive.  It's available in Penny's (Primark - if your in the UK). And I've read from other bloggers that it can be purchased on or for those who dont have a Penny's or Primark.

Would I buy this again? Yes. I know I gave a negative review about it but I like to have a bottle of it for emergency situations.

P.S. I would like to apologise for the poor quality of the photos, my camera is having some problems recently! 

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