Sunday, 24 June 2012

Online shopping - you have failed me!

I've had very few bad experiences with online shopping and even when I do it is usually resolved and I give the company a glowing review, however, I've had a recent experience that has left my truly disgusted and, also, ensured that I will not be using the company again.  The company in question is House of Fraser. 


I placed an order with them in early May for two shopper which was a present, a knit jumper and a MAC foundation. The items never arrived and after several emails to the company, I got no response.  So I turned to Paypal, who usually deal with any problems that arise swiftly and without increasing my levels of stress when a problem does occur. They also failed me on this occasion...more on that in a bit.  

The package finally arrived, however it was missing the MAC foundation and I was very late in giving the bag as a present.  So I changed my reason for the Paypal dispute to missing item, assuming the problem would be swiftly resolved.  That was not to be the case.  After several weeks waiting, Paypal inform me that I will have to contact the police for further documentation that I didn't receive the foundation. Now, in theory that is a great idea, however, I can just imagine the laughter as I enter the police station to inform them of my foundation relation problems.  It may appear reasonable in a large city, but I live in a more remote area where the Garda would find this truly ridiculous.    

So now I am in the position where the dispute will be unresolved and I have neither foundation or the money I paid for it. In conclusion, I will be cutting any ties with House of Fraser, which is disappointing as I had used them several times in the past.  

Sorry for the rant but this has had me very frustrated recently.  As neither company seem to be of any help. 

Have you had any annoying experiences with online companies or online shopping? 

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