Monday, 25 June 2012

No7 Blending Eyeshadow Brush

When I purchased this eyeshadow brush I really didn't think I would use it that much. I was however wrong. I now use it nearly everyday and also when ever I am creating a new look.

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This is a contouring and blending brush. I use this brush for blending out eyeshadow and it is perfect for this. It also holds a good amount of eyeshadow which makes it easy to work with. The bristles are also a white or ivory colour. The bristles on this brush are very soft and there is good control to the bristles when used for blending. They are firmer than some other blending brushes that I have tried. There is absolutely no shedding from this brush. I have also washed it several times and there is still no shedding. There is a short handle on this brush, I like this and feel that it makes it easier to use.

The packaging for this brush is very simple. It comes in a see-through plastic pouch with a zip-like closing on the side. It's very good for when travelling with the brush as it protects it very well.

I paid €7.50 for this brush which I thought was a very reasonable price for this brush. It is available from Boots.

Would I buy this again? Yes.

This is a short review but there is not a lot to say about this brush except that it is a really great blending brush.

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