Saturday, 25 June 2011

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner

Yet another Collection 2000 eyeliner.  This time is a black liquid eyeliner. 
Fast stroke eyeliner

Fast stroke eyeliner is a black eyeliner with a fine tipped applicator. I wouldn't consider this to be a very very black eyeliner. I also have to shake the bottle before I apply this and then when applied I would need to over the eyeliner again to get the desired black colour that I wanted. I would also consider this to be very liquid, I know its a liquid eyeliner, however I have used eyeliners that are not as runny as this one. However, Fast stroke does glide across the eyelid so its easy to apply.  

Felt tip

This eyeliner has good longevity. I applied it mainly over an eyeshadow primer and it lasts all day. However there were times when it was difficult to remove. However, I wasn't that surprised by this as it stayed on so well. 


I liked the packaging for this eyeliner. It came in a compact little bottle and was easy to travel with. There was also a lot of product in the small bottle.  There is 6ml of product in the bottle. It indicates on the bottle 'For precision & definition. Shake well before use'. I would definitely recommend following this step. 
felt tip

I purchased this about two months ago so cant remember the exact price, however I think it was approximately €6-€7. I bought this in Boots

Would I buy this product again? I'm not actually sure about this, I think it will depend on when I finish this bottle. I like the packaging and the way it glides on, however I dislike that the colour isn't very black when first applied. 

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