Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nail shapes

There are many different nails types so there has to be one to suit everyone. 

Nail chart
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There are eight main nail  types

(a) Straight sided - For straight sided nails the nails grow straight at the sides, as the name suggests, and the top of the nails are rounded. If a nail breaks they can be shaped into another shape.  This allows the nails to be supported. 

(b) Oval - For this nail style the top is filed into a curved tip and some of the nails at the sides are filed down. This will give nails a very delicate appearance. 

(c) Square Oval - The tip of the nail is squared off and the rest of the nail is similar to the oval nail shape. 

(d) Almond - This nail shape is considered to be the classical nail shape.  To achieve the almond nail, it is filed at the sides and has a soft point at the tip. This however can restrict the nail from reaching its maximum length.  

(e) Round - This is a great shape for shorter nails. The nails grow to approximately 1.5mm to 2mm and the top of the nail is filed into a rounded shape. This is the best shape for those who wish to obtain a short nail. 

(f) Square - This shape allows the nail to grow straight out and then to file the tip straight across at right angles for the rest of the nail. This is great for a very short nail. The square nail shape draws attention to long nails. 

(g) Square with rounded corners - This is similar to the square nail however the corners of the nail are rounded. This is a softer look than the square shaped nail. 

(h) Pointed - For a pointed nail look the nails are filed away at the sides into a point at the tip. As the sides of the totally filed away, the nail is weakened.  

What nail shape do you have?

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