Sunday, 26 June 2011

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse Foundation

The correct foundation is always difficult to find. I, like most other women, have tried many  foundations, trying to find a foundation that has the right coverage, shade, texture. Every shopping experience where I look for foundation is filled with questions such as, 'Will it have the right finish?', 'Will the shade be too dark?' or 'Will it last long enough when I apply it?'. Therefore, this is my first of many reviews of different foundations. 

This foundation is from Revlon's Colourstay collection. I purchased this in '10 Fair' as I have very pale skin. The formula in this foundation is probably one of the worst that I have used. I tried to apply it with a 'Mac 187' brush and it was very difficult to work with and also I needed a lot of product using the brush. I also tried it with the ELF studio powder brush, which I use regularly to apply my foundations, and it was equally as bad as using the 'Mac 187'. Finally I tried a sponge, which I don't like using because of the bacteria held in the sponges after one us. This was the worst method to apply with. The sponge absorbed most of the product and anything that it did apply it simply moved the product around my face.  

There is a smooth mousse like texture from this foundation. I initially thought that it was the mousse  texture that was making if difficult to apply. However I have used mousse foundations before and they have been fine. 

The '10 Fair' shade was a good match for my skin. It was therefore disappointing that the coverage and formula were terrible. 

I applied this several times in the hope that one way would work. However, I had to remove it after I applied it as it looked terrible. Therefore, I don't know how long this would last as I couldn't wear it for any more than a half an hour, as I felt it looked so bad. 

The one redeeming for this foundation was the packaging. It comes in a nice black plastic tube. It is easy to just put it into your bag without worrying if it'll get damaged. It is also easy to get the product out. 

I'm not sure the exact price of this in stores but I think its approximately €15. I purchased it from ebay for approximately €7. 

Would I buy this again? No

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