Monday, 20 June 2011


I like my nails to look proper and manicured so I decided to share the routine I use before painting them. 

Firstly, I use nail polish remover and a cotton pad to remove any nail polish I'm wearing and also to remove any residue or oils that will be on my nails to ensure the nail polish I apply lasts longer. 

Nail polish removercotton pad

Secondly, I begin to file my nails to the length I want and also to the shape I want to obtain. I file in the one direction and not in a saw like motion. 

nail filenail filingnail file

The third step I take is to buff my nails. I move the buffer over the top of my nails for about 15 seconds per nail. This smooths the nails surface before I apply a base coat of nail polish. 


Fourthly, I will apply a base coat of nail polish to my nails. This helps prevent my nails from staining when I apply a darker coat of nail polish. 

nail painting

The final step is to apply my chosen colour of nail polish. 

How do you do your manicures? 

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