Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Revlon Professional: Equave 2 phase

 Ah hair products. I think no matter what hair style you have there is always an endless quest to find the right products.  This product is from the Revlon Professional range. It the Equave2phase hydro nutritive conditioner. 

This conditioner claims to 'Treat simultaneously the internal and external parts of the hair. Nourishes, moisturizes and reinforces the structure of the hair fiber. Smoothes, softens, untangles and enhances the hair without adding weight'. 
This Instant hydro nutritive leave-in conditioner is for dry or damaged hair. These are both problems that I have with my hair.  It often gets damaged from the use of hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair curlers and also daily damage.  Also while the roots of my hair are oily, the ends can become very dry. After discussing this problem with my hairdresser, she recommended that I try this product.  
I apply this leave in conditioner to my hair in two ways.  Firstly, when I wash my hair I lightly towel dry it and then spray it onto my hair after I have combed it.  I feel that this prepares it for the use of the hair dryer. The second way that I use this is on dry hair.  If I feel that my hair has gotten dry or it is stressed from the day I will apply it to my hair to condition and soften it.   

I also like that this product doesn't make the roots of my hair extra oily. Even though I don't spray it on the top section, this has happened before when I use a product on the ends.  

 This is a picture of the bottle when it has been shaken before use.  Before I shake it the formula is divided into two parts and once shaken the product mixes together.
I forgot to take a picture of my hair before I started using this product, however this is one from having been using it for approximately two weeks. This is towards the end of my hair and it now appears less dry and broken.  

This product cost me approximately €14 and I will be purchasing it again.  

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