Saturday, 30 July 2011

Posh Caddy With Mini Set To Go

These are the first POSH brushes that I have used and I love them.  I got them about two years ago as a Christmas present and before that I had never heard of them.

There are four different brushes in this set. There is a powder brush, angle eye shadow brush, concealer brush and an angled eyeliner brush.  They come in a zippered purse and also come with a faux leather brush organiser.

I'll start with the smaller things like the purse and the brush organiser.  The purse is great for carrying the brushes for travel. There is a separate pocket for each brush and it's easy to just wipe it clean, if the brushes are not clean when placed in the purse. The brush organiser is good for holding the four small brushes and other slim brushes, however it is not good for holding other brushes or those with larger handles.

Now onto the brushes.
Powder brushes
I use this for applying powder all over my face and I have also used it for applying blush on my cheeks.  This is a very soft brush to use and it is not stiff at all. It is also very soft to touch.  It picks up just the right amount of product.  This brush has a dome shape. It is a travel size brush so therefore is small.
Angle Eye Shadow Brush
I use this brush for applying eyeshadow. Even though it is a small brush there are a large number of bristles which can make it more difficult to apply small amounts of eyeshadow. Therefore, I use it to apply the first layer of eyeshadow as the base coat.  This is also a very soft brush both in feel and also regards the bristles.  It does pick up a lot of product.

Concealer brush
If I had to pick a brush in this set that I liked less than the others then it would be this one, however it is still not bad.  This is a very soft brush to touch but the bristles are still stiff enough to pick up enough concealer.  It is a small travel sized brush.

Eyeliner brush
This is my favourite brush in this set. It picks up just the right amount of eyeliner and also gives a very thin line, which I love. I think this is my all time favourite out of the eyeliner brushes that I have tried.  The brush feels soft so it doesn’t hurt or irritate my eyes but it is also firm enough to create the thin line. 
I can not remember exactly what packaging this came with since it was about two years ago since I received it. However, I think it came in a clear plastic wrapping. 
Since this was a present I don’t know the exact price. However, I found the site it is available from and it costs $25.00. It’s available from POSH.

Would I buy this again? Yes. I would love to buy more of the brushes that are in the range. However, the site doesn’t deliver to Ireland so will have to look for it locally.  


  1. Nice review :) the small set is very cute.

  2. Yea it's really cute and so useful.



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