Friday, 1 July 2011

17 Glitter Eyeshadow

I've been meaning to review these for a while as I have some many of the 17 single eyeshadows. There's another review to come soon on 17 Solo eyeshadows.  
These eyeshadows are from the 17 Glitter range. I ordered these online and received six eyeshadows. These are definitely 'glitter' eyeshadows. The moment that I opened the top of them the glitter was very obvious. These have a very smooth texture. I did find that they had fallout and because it was glittery I also found that it  spread over my face. This would be my only concern with using these as I usually have to use a small amount of makeup remover and a cotton pad to clean up the fall out under my eyes. It helps to apply the foundation afterwards, which I usually do so this wasn't a huge problem. The Glitter eyeshadows are also very pigmented which is great considering the price. 

Spirit                                              Superstar                                      Style Queen
Chalice                                             Heart Breaker                                  Night Sky
I haven't used a primer in the swatches below that shows how pigmented they are. I usually use primer when I wear these eyeshadows. I applied these recently and they lasted about 6 hours before I noticed slight creasing on the lids. This was easily fixed by simply blendly out the creased area and the pigmentation remained the same.  

Chalice                                            Superstar                                        NightSky
Style Queen                               Heart Breaker                                              Spirit
Glitter Eye Shadow comes in a small black container with a removable lid. I like that these have a clear cover as I can see exactly which colour I am looking for.    

I purchased these online at Camelliashop Cosmetics Wholesale UK. However on the Boots website they are £3.89. I think they are approximately €4 to €5 in stores. 

Would I buy this again? Yes. 


  1. I've never used the 17 shadows before but have to say picked up Rose Quartz in Newry last week & it's fast becoming a go to shadow! Will deffny be investigating further, their longevity is fab for such a low price.
    CherrySue x

  2. I know when I got my first one, ages ago, I was so susprised by how long they lasted considering the price.



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