Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Essence Stays on and on and on Mascara

On the Essence site, this mascara is described as a mascara 'for even longer-lasting, beautiful lashes, this mascara makes good on its promises. the innovative formula is not only long-lasting but it’s smudge and smear proof too. you’ll enjoy taking it off just as much as you do wearing it—with a little warm water, the mascara washes away. thanks to the sophisticated brush, each lash gets just the right amount of mascara and is perfectly separated for a breathtaking look!'.

This is a very smooth mascara and it also doesn't clump. The brush on this mascara is also good as it has thick bristles while not being too big for day time use. The bristles separate the lashes and allow you to spread them out.  This is also very easy to apply because of the size of the brush.
I love this mascara for day time use because it lasts all day long and there is also very little flaking even when in hot conditions.  I also find that this is easy to remove, unlike some other lasting mascaras. I use my usual face wash to remove this mascara.  

As you can see from the pictures, this mascara comes in a shiny blue bottle. It also has the brush applicator for applying the mascara.  There is 8ml or 0.27fluid ounces in the bottle.  
I think that this cost approximately €3.50, which I think is great for a mascara that lasts all day.  

Would I buy this product again? Yes. I have purchased this product twice already and will again.  


  1. I've never tried Essence mascara but am definitely an Essence fan.
    Will absolutely pick this one up - you can't go wrong for that price x

  2. No they are actually really good, much to my surprise. I have another review of their Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara in about a week and that is a really good one too. It is a bright orange bottle, if you can going to be getting one before them.



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