Friday, 29 July 2011

Penny's Blush and Bronzer Duo

Penny's/Primark was never a place that I would have associated with make-up products. So when I purchased this blush and bronzer duo I didn't have very high expectations.  When I saw the blush and bronzer in the box I knew that it reminded me of something and it turned out it did...Benefit's bronzing and highlighting face powder duo.  

This is a light shimmery blush and bronzer duo.  The blush in this duo gives a really nice soft pink glow. The bronzer in this is obviously darker than the blush but it is still light. 
Even though they are lightly coloured they still have good pigmentation and also a very soft texture.  I did at first expect that it would have a chalky feel but it really doesn't.  
It is also very easy to apply. I use a blusher brush and sweep it over my cheeks.  I have applied this in a variety of ways. I have used the blush and bronzer separately and I have also swirled the brush into both the blush and bronzer to create a darker pink toned colour. This can be seen in the last picture.
The brush that comes with the product is not good at all. It's too small to work with and it is also makes it very difficult to blend using the brush provided.  

This product does fade away a little over time. I will usually get four or five hours from this and will need to reapply it. This can obviously be a little annoying something, however I love the colour from the blush so I am willing to do this.  

The packaging on the product isn't terrible considering the price. It doesn't however look very expensive. It consists of a small pink box with the blush and bronzer inside and the lid fits onto the top. 

This blush costs €3.00 and is available in Penny's/Primark stores which carry their makeup range. 

Would I buy this product again? Yes. Since purchasing the first one I have bought another. 


  1. Those two colors look great together! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Yea it is a lovely colour together, great for daytime.



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