Friday, 15 July 2011

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Second Skin foundation claims to be 'an innovative formula that creates the look of naturally perfect looking skin'.  And now as I sit here typing and looking at the results of a few hours wearing this foundation...I can say that this does not create perfect looking skin for me. 

The first problem I had with this was that the shade was too dark even though I purchased the lightest shade, which is 040 Cream Ivory. I still gave this a try however and tried to us a powder to help lighten it. This did work slightly, however it was still dark. 

I purchased this as I had wanted a foundation that would be lighter on my skin for the summer and while this has a liquid consistency, I found that to get it to apply evenly over my face I needed to use more product than I would usually use.  

It also becomes very blotchy. I can clearly see areas of my face where the foundation has been completely removed, perhaps because it transferred onto my clothes or I touched it.  Either way it doesn't look very appealing after a few hours wear.  

I applied this using a Mac 187 brush which applied it and blended it perfectly considering the liquid texture of the foundation.  

I had expected this to last all day. However, I applied it at nine o' clock and by three o' clock, there was obvious blotchy and patchy areas on my face. Therefore, I would not recommend this to someone who wanted a foundation that will last all day.   
I do like the packaging of this foundation.  It comes in a glass bottle with a plastic pump on the top. I like the pump as it means the product in the bottle is free from bacteria. There is 30ml of product in this bottle.  
I purchased this on Amazon for £10.56.  However it is also available in pharmacies and in Boots stores. I think Boots sells this for €19.99.  

Would I but this again? No. 

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