Sunday, 10 July 2011

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation

I am starting the reviews of the products that I received from Amazon recently with Max Factor Lasting Performance. 
This foundation claims to have 'a long-lasting, smudge-proof formula that resists rubbing off onto you or your clothes'. I do agree that it has a long lasting formula, however, it doesn't completely resist rubbing off onto clothes.  This is my go to foundation at the moment. I have tried so many different foundations and this is the only one that comes closest to providing long lasting good coverage.

This foundation has a very smooth light texture while also providing medium to full coverage. I apply this with a Mac 187 brush and it applies beautifully. I have two different ways of applying this. The first way I will apply some to the back of my hand and then dip the top of the brush into it and apply to my face. The second way I will apply small dots of the foundation on my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and blend out. I will use this method if I want a lighter finish and less coverage.
I have used this foundation in nearly all situations and it has lasted for all of them. I have applied it going to college and it lasts until I get home and these can be full nine or ten hour days. I have also worn it when going out at night and it has also lasted without having to reapply or apply powder. 
Lasting Performance comes in a plastic bottle, which is nice as it wont break if it is dropped and is also easy to travel with. There is 35ml in this bottle. 
In Boots stores this costs €15.99.  I however ordered this on Amazon and I paid £8.78.  

Would I buy this again? Yes. This is the third bottle of this that I have purchased and I love it.  

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