Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Elf nail polish: Coral

Coral is a colour that I didn't usually wear as a nail polish but when I saw this I loved it and had to get it.  

This  nail polish, I feel,  looks different when applied to the colour from in the bottle.  I think that this has a somewhat 'pearlized' finish.  I actually like this as it is different to the finishes I usually wear. 
I think that this applies a little light with the first coat and out of habit I like to apply two coats of polish. I think that two coats of this polish gives a very strong colour. I do find that this polish can apply thicker than other Elf polishes.  

This polish usually stays on my nails for three days. I would like it to stay longer but considering the price I would consider that a reasonable length for the polish to stay on.  

This nail polish comes in a small black box. I think this is nice considering the price and many expensive brands don't come like this. The bottle is a rectangular shape with 10ml or .35oz of product inside.  The one problem that I would have with this is that the brush appeared different to other Elf polishes I have used. 

I purchased this from Elf and it cost €1.70, which is very inexpensive.  

Would I buy this again? Yes.  


  1. €1.70?! That's a great price for an on trend colour like this, it's not as bright as most of the corals on the market but a lovely office colour I think x

  2. I know the prices are excellent and the quality is surprisingly good considering how inexpensive they are.



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