Wednesday, 20 July 2011

NYX Doll Eye mascara in Black Long Lash

I had never used an NYX mascara before this one and I must say that I am surprised by how much I like it.  
NYX Doll Eye mascara in Long Lash claims to be 'the best alternative to fake lashes'. While it does give a longer appearance to eyelashes, I do not think that it looks as dramatic as fake lashes.  It gives lashes a soft feel once the mascara has been applied unlike some mascara that can make eyelashes feel think and almost crunchy.  I also like this mascara as it is enriched with Vitamin E, is hypo allergenic and is also claims to be safe for contact lenses. 

I wear contact lenses and this can mean I touch my eyes and this doesn't smudge or irritate my eyes.  

There is good longevity with this mascara.  This is not waterproof but still remains on the eyelashes while there is a light amount of rain, as I discovered.

When I received this it was packaged in a really nicely designed box, as pictured above.  The mascara bottle itself is a black plastic tube. The bottle is long with an oblong shape. This bottle contains 8g or 0.28oz.   

I purchased this on Amazon for £7.80. I don't know of anywhere that this is available in Ireland as NYX is not widely available here, unfortunately.  

Would I buy this again? Yes

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