Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Barry M Black Shatter Nail Polish

I have been using this Barry M Shatter Nail Polish for about six months now and wanted to share my thoughts on it. 
Barry M Shatter Nail Polish is a nail polish that is very different from other polishes. Shatter nail polish is applied over other nail polishes to give a shattered, cracked appearance to nails. When I first used this I was very unsure as to what to expect because it applies like other polishes. I applies this over a pink polish and then it began to shrink to give the cracked appearance. I had no problem applying this, however I have friends that used it and they struggled with getting a thin layer of polish that doesn't overlap. If this shatter polish overlaps it will not shrink properly to give a nice cracked appearance. 
The longevity of this depends greatly on the type and longevity of the polish that it is applied over. I do find however that I will get approximately 3 days from this polish. It also doesn't chip like normal polishes but will start to fade away from the top of the nail.  
I purchased this about two months ago so therefore can't remember the exact price but I think it was approximately €6. I got it in Boots. It is also available in pink, I will review that one soon. 
Would I buy this again? Yea. I actually bought my first bottle of this six months ago and then repurchased it again approximately two months ago.   

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