Thursday, 7 July 2011

Barry M Pink Shatter Nail Polish: How to apply

I recently reviewed the Barry M Black Shatter nail polish and decided that I would use the pink colour to explain the process of applying the shatter polish. 
Firstly, I prepared my nails for applying nail polish. I used steps outlined in the this manicure post.

Secondly, I applied the colour I wanted. I choose Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer '270 It Blue My mind!'.       
The third step was when I actually used the Barry M shatter polish. I stroked the brush on both sides of my nail and one light coat down the centre of my nail. I have to ensure that the coat was even and that it didn't overlap. This would have caused the polish to be too think to shrink as required to create the shattered look. 

The Result:

As you can see the first finger shows the pink shatter is very prominent and visible. When I applied it to the second one I applied it lighter and as you can see it didn't shatter and crack to the same degree as the first one did. I would recommend that when you use this you experiment with the polish to see what works best for you.  The second picture shows the effect of the colour over a white base. 

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