Friday, 22 July 2011

Sites of the Week: 22 July 2011

A nail technique that I will be trying soon. I will post about the experience.

If you want long healthy hair this is a great post for a little extra help.

Does you nail polish say something about you? Do you wear it to feel a certain way? Apparently it can say something about all of us.

I was a little surprised by this article but when I thought about it, it's probably very true.  I would  really recommend you read this one.

I think nearly every woman likes to look at wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, even if they aren't getting married. I found these lovely dresses by Vera Wang when reading 'The Budget Babe'.   I love the purple/lilac shoes in the last picture and also the corset top and puff bottom (in the ninth picture).

I am always looking for updo's that are easy to achieve. These are all very simple and don't require a lot of products to achieve.

Also hair related, this is good for someone looking for a new style or wants to get information on the one they already have.

I really like unusual pictures so I loved this one.

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