Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Accessorize Palette

I love palettes. They are easy to travel with and also to create a variety of looks. I received this palette as a Christmas present. 
This palette contains nine eyeshadows, three lip glosses,  a double sided eyeshadow applicator and a double sided lipgloss applicator. There is a variety of different colours in this palette. The first row consists of browns and coppers. The second row has a variety of silver, black/grey and purple. The final row is composed of greens. I like this palette as it allows me to create many different looks with one palette. 
These are very pigmented and also very easy to blend together. As you can see, as I've used most of it, I love the silver colour as it is very good for brightening the eyes and also can be used with nearly all colours.  

There is a small amount of fallout from these eyeshadows. It is not a lot however considering it's an accessorize palette. This is the only complain that I have with this. 

There are three lipglosses in this palette. A pale pink, a blushed shade of pink and a ruby red colour. 

The swatches shown below are without primer. These will usually last me for a whole day. I will apply them in the morning and then then are usually perfect in the night time when I remove them.
I've had this for several months and haven't used these glosses that much. I used them once or twice when I got the palette initially. I have applied it over lipstick and it did last for about two hours and then would have needed to reapply. However, I wouldn't always carry this with me as it a makeup palette. I have also applied it without lipstick and the results was somewhat lighter.

This palette comes in a hard card type palette which is actually very study. I have travelled with this several times and all the eyeshadows have remained undamaged. These is also a clear plastic covering over the area containing the sponge applicators and lip gloss applicators.  

As this was a present I dont actually know that price. I do know however that it was purchased in Boots. It was also available at Accessorize at the time. 

Would I but this again? Yes, I hope that they release something like this next Christmas as I will definitely but it again.  Although I didn't use the lipglosses a lot, I usually don't in palettes and always focus on the eyeshadows.  

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