Thursday, 15 September 2011

5 minute makeup

I just wanted to post on what I usually do when I need to apply make-up in a hurry. I usually spend about 15 minutes applying my make-up but when I have to be in college for 9 or leave quickly in the evening then I have to limit it down to approximately five minutes. 
I will start by putting on my moisturiser and then face primer, then I will apply eye primer to my eyelids. 

I start by putting on my eyeshadow as it means that if there is any fall out I wont have to redo my foundation. 

Then I will apply eye liner and also mascara. 

Now I apply the foundation and if I need it I apply concealer. I wont always need concealer and that is why I leave it until I have applied the foundation. 
I finish by applying a pressed powder and then my blusher. So that's it. Usually five minutes. 

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