Friday, 9 September 2011

What's in my daily make-up bag?

I always have a few make-up products in my bag that I feel will help with most make-up related problems. My usual make-up bag is huge but I can't carry that around everyday so this is the most convenient option.

 I have a hairbrush for the obvious reasons. With long hair it always gets tangled so I probably use this the most out of everything in my makeup bag.
 I use the powder to reduce any lines or oiliness and it also has a mirror so it’s very convenient.
 The Nivea cream it excellent because I can use it for  my hands, face, etc

Next, I have concealer which is great for long days or if eyeshadow or eyeliner moves under my eyes and makes a mess. It cleans up the problem and covers dark cirles.
 The lipgloss is great for any dry lips or when I don’t have time to apply a lipstick. 
I don’t usually keep expensive products in this make-up bag in case they get broken or stolen.  This way I won’t be disappointed if I loose anything.

What do you take with you during the day?

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