Saturday, 3 September 2011

Barbara Daly Goodbye Yellow

Any one who is interested in nails or needs a good clear clear nail polish should definitely have this polish. 
Barbara Daly Goodbye Yellow is a nail polish that intends to say goodbye to yellow nails. It is designed to disguise staining left from other nail polishes. It is clear nail polish that can be used alone or as a base coat. It makes nails appear pink and healthier and also gives the tips a whiter look. It is great for giving nails a clean appearance. This nail polish dries very fast. It also doesn't appear think or lumpy when applied.

This nail polish won't remove discolouration but it will disguise the discolouration caused by nail polishes. Also, I only apply one layer of this when using it alone as when you apply a few coats it makes the nails go a purplish colour and they don't appear to be healthy.

This polish lasts for five to six days when I use it. It won't chip for this long and when it does it is a very small amount of chipping.
This nail polish comes in a nice plastic box. The polish itself comes in a cloudy coloured glass bottle with a black plastic handle.
I paid approximately €6 for this nail polish. It is available in any Tesco stores that stocks the Barbara Daly range.

Would I buy this again? Yes. I have bought many bottles of this nail polish.

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