Saturday, 17 September 2011

Chilli Pepper London Cream Highlighers

This is a palette that contains four different highlighters. The colours are not named but there is a pink, golden, bronze and nude coloured highlighter. I actually really like these highlighters. They are very smooth and are also very easy to blend so give a very natural glow. There is also good pigmentation from each highlighter cream. I have applied these using my fingers and also with a brush. I find that it is easy to apply using my fingers as it is easier to control the amount of blending I do. I occasionally use a stippling brush which is also good but I prefer using my fingers. 

These will usually last for a long as my foundation lasts. So there is good longevity from these. They also don't look cakey...if that's a word...after wearing them from some time.

I really like the packaging for these highlighters. It is very elegant and chic. The palette is packaged in a hard cardboard style packaging with the design above on the front and back of the box. 
I got this as a present for Christmas so don't have a price for this product. I do know that it was purchased in Boots

Would I buy this again? Yes. 

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