Saturday, 24 September 2011

Too Faced Candy Bars Eyeshadow Shimmer Bar: Black Licorice

This is a glittery bar style eyeshadow created using four complimentary shades of purple/black colours. I really wanted to like this eyeshadow but is was not to be. I found that the eyeshadows were chalky and had very poor pigmentation. I have not used primer in the swatches below so you can see how poor the pigmentation is. I liked that the colours were complimentary and there for fool proof for creating looks but this could not make up for the other poor features of the eyeshadow. I applied this using an eyeshadow brush but the fallout was terrible so I wouldn't recommend this for applying the product. 
The longevity from this is not very good either. It creases very quickly and that is when an eyeshadow primer has been applied. 
This palette comes in an strong cardboard box with pink and black designs. The actual palette also has a similar design and comes in a hard plastic style container. The eyeshadow is in one container with the colours pressed together. 

I have this for a while so can't remember the price. I did however find it on Amazon for £6.25. I do know that I paid more for it. 

Would I buy this again? No. 

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