Monday, 26 September 2011

Michael Todd Creme Eyeshadow: Flutter

This is a champagne shade creme  eyeshadow which also contains gold shimmer. It's very creamy and also very easy to apply. I have used both an eyeshadow brush and also using an eyeshadow applicator. It think it depends on the look that you want to create to decide on which applicator works best for this eyeshadow. This blends very well but can sometimes loose pigmentation if it is overly blended. Otherwise the pigmentation is good. This is also a very good highlighter. 

I can usually wear this for approximately eight hours. Some creasing will occur if it is on the crease of my eye but that is usually easily resolved. If used as a highlighter on the brow bone then creasing is not a problem. 

This creme eyeshadow comes in a cardboard style purple box and there is a bubble wrap packaging securing the eyeshadow inside the box. The creme eyeshadow then comes in a clear round glass container with a black plastic removable lid.

I purchased this from Love-makeup when they were having a sale on Michael Todd cosmetics. I paid £2.50 or €2.85 for this eyeshadow. They usually cost more.

Would I buy this again? Yes

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