Monday, 12 September 2011

Michael Todd Powder Blush: Sugar Daddy

Michael Todd says that these 'powder blushes are triple-pigmented to provide perfect application each and every time'. This blush is definitely pigmented. The first time I applied this I looked ridiculous as I applied it with a very heavy hand. The second application was more successful. I lightly swiped the blusher brush over the powder and applied it. The texture of this powder is very soft which makes it easy to blend.  The one aspect I don't like about this blusher is that there is a bit too much glitter in it. It isn't terrible however I prefer blusher that give a more natural glow. It is still a good blusher, however.

The longevity from this blush is really good. I will usually get approximately ten hours from this blush. This will sometimes be longer depending on what I am doing, for example, if I don't have a very busy day.
This blush came in a purple cardboard style box. The blush powder is then stored in a hard plastic purple box with an insert tray that can be removed. The tray can then be added to a palette or left as an individual eyeshadow.
I ordered this online at Love make-up and paid £2.99 for it. It is also available at Michael Todd online.

Would I buy this again? No I wouldn't buy this shade again however I would purchase a different blush from this range. Everything was perfect expect I didn't like the amount of shimmer.

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