Friday, 23 September 2011

Sites of the Week: 23 September 2011

Yet anther hair post for the Beauty Department. This is a great one on a boho braid.

We all have some bad beauty habits, we may deny it but me know we do. Here are some things that  might help to fix those problems

I've mentioned how to dress like a Parisian before, this is how to dress like a Glitter girl.

Here are some very very unique nails. The first one is not exactly your everyday nails. 

That nail art might be a bit too adventurous but these you can definitely do yourself. 

If your new to layer eyeliner this is a good post. There is no picture provided on that post so this will give you an idea of what it should turn out to be. 

It was also considered a treasured piece by women for the best of fashion. Now you can see how it developed through the ages. 

A lot of the time we focus on unusual and different eye looks and the lips are left untouched. Here are some very different ideas for lips

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