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Lip Gloss: How to apply and top 5 picks

It's another guest post. This post will be outlining Kayla's top 5 lip glosses and also how to apply lip gloss. I am not affiliated with any of the links or prices provided. I have also pre-approved any material that is provided.

Guest writer - Kayla Block

Kayla Block loves high end makeup, but her wallet wasn't sharing the love. She founded Makeup Deal of the Day to allow people to buy luxury brands of makeup at discount prices. You can buy all of our picks for the best lip gloss as well as many other beloved cosmetic products. Makeup Deal of the Day operates out of Las Vegas, NV.

Best Lip Gloss - Our Top 5 Picks

It is challenging to find the best lip gloss. Most of the gloss on the market is too sticky or wears off instantly. Or, the color is great but it dries out your lips. The best lip glosses shouldn’t be sticky or dehydrating. You know you have found a good gloss when it doesn’t take much but moisturizes and keeps your mouth sensuous for hours. We put lip gloss to the test and found our top 5 picks for giving you the most irresistibly sexy smile.

#5 Friends with Benefits Lip Gloss

Our pick for number five was easy. Benefit The Gloss is great for daily use and won’t dehydrate your lips. It isn’t sticky, and comes in three delicious colors. Corsage will make your lips pop, Chaperone creates a lightly blushing effect, and Rave Reviews is ideal for a darker, more sophisticated kiss.

#4 Live dangerously with Urban Decay Lip Gloss

Urban Decay Ultraglide Lip Gloss is our fourth choice. For years they have been creating the best lip glosses, in the proudest colors. Urban Decay is infamous for creating edgy hues that are unmatched by other brands. The gloss is thin and isn’t too sticky. It is perfect if you like just a flavor of shimmer on your lips. It comes in Gash, Hustle, Heat, Quiver and O.

#3 Lip Smackin’ MAC

Few brands can compete with MAC in any of the products they develop. The quality of their products are well acknowledged by estheticians and beauty experts. After evaluating MAC’s various products, we determined our choice to be MAC Plushglass. It is incredibly long lasting, and it moisturizes better than most chapsticks and lip balms. This gloss makes your lips super shiny, and comes in several sassy colors. Oversexed, Pretty Plush, Bountiful and Fulfilled were our favourites.

#2 You give me Fever

Lancome La Laque Fever Lip Gloss was our second pick for best lip gloss. This is an excellent brand, and could have easily come in first. It feels clean and light, and is high gloss. Most importantly, this is the longest lasting lip gloss out of all we tested. It comes in Cyber Coral, Iridescent, Optical Rose and Feverish and it only takes a dab for long lasting color and shine.
#1 Plump red lips ripe for kissing

Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion Plumping Lip Gloss is undoubtedly our number one choice. Not only does it last for hours, it moisturizes and actually helps plump up your lips by increasing the amount of natural collagen in your lips. Within minutes after application your lips will be fuller and softer, giving you an irresistible pout. It comes in Goddess, Fresh, Boca Babe, Dream and classic Berry and is our choice for best lip gloss.

How to Apply Lip Gloss

For a mesmerizing mouth, begin by making a thin, soft outline just beyond the natural line of your lip. If you desire to use lipstick as a base, apply two small dots on your upper lip and three on your bottom lip and spread by lightly tapping your lips with your finger. If you want a more natural looking color, simply omit the lipstick. Next, put two small dabs of gloss on your upper lip, and one slightly larger dab on your bottom lip. Again, pat lightly to spread, or simply purse your lips. Choose wisely when determining the best lip glosses for you, and you can proudly pucker your seductive, sassy mouth to kiss dry, dull lips goodbye.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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