Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hair tutorial: Low side pony tail.

This is the first look or tutorial that I am doing relating to hair. I usually leave my hair down but have recently started to try different things with it.
When I wash my hair I apply a leave in conditioner and a hair mousse to give volume. This may affect the way a look turns out depending on your hair type. 
I started by brushing my hair and pulling it all to one side. I pulled it to the right side as this is the side my fringe is at but either side will work. 

Once I had pulled my hair to one side, I tided it with a band. I then used a comb to create a messier look by taking smaller strands of my hair out of the band.
Once I had finished this, I took a long strand of hair from the inside of the ponytail to wind around the band. When I had put all of the strand of hair around the band I used a hair grip to secure the hair. I placed it on the inside so that it was not noticeable. 
I lightly backcombed the top of my hair to add more volume. I then used hair spray on all of my hair to secure it. 

What do you think?

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