Friday, 23 September 2011

Michael Todd Frosted Eye Shadow: Pleasure

The first thing that I noticed about this eyeshadow was how much glitter and shimmer it contained. I had not expected it to be that shimmery when I saw it online as the  picture or description did not indicate this. There is good pigmentation from this eyeshadow and it is easy to blend. The texture is also very smooth and not chalky. I apply this using an eyeshadow brush and it works perfectly. This can be applied lightly for a day time look or if the intensity is increased then it can be worn as part of a night time look.


An eyeshadow primer is needed with this eyeshadow, I have not used on in the swatch below. I can usually wear this for eight hours. If any creasing does occur it is easily solved using an eyeshadow brush.

This eyeshadow came in a nice purple cardboard box. The eyeshadow itself comes in a very hard plastic box with a removable grey insert that holds the eyeshadow. It can also be transferred into a palette.

I purchased this from Love-makeup when they were having a sale on Michael Todd cosmetics. I paid £2.50 or €2.85 for this eyeshadow. They usually cost more.

Would I buy this again? No, not there was anything wrong with the eyeshadow I just don't think I will use this colour that much.

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