Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Elf nail polish: Pearl

Pearl nail polish is a shimmery white colour. Elf claims that this nail polish has a chip resistant shield that gives long lasting nail colour with a high shine. This polish does have a high shine and also applies very smoothly.  Unlike some polishes, this doesn't go gloopy or thick. When I applied the first layer of this polish it dried very quickly. I did however have to apply three layers to get the colour that I wanted. This made it harder for it to dry.  The first coat of polish was very sheer.  
I also really like the colour. I love applying white to my nails and I really like that this had a shimmer and not the usual matt that I apply.  I also noticed that there is a mixer ball in the bottom of the nail polish bottle which is good considering the price of this polish.  
I have three coats of polish applied in this picture. 

While this polish claims to have a chip resistant shield and I find that this is true for Elf nail  polishes, it is certainty not true for this polish. I had it applied for approximately 24 hours when I noticed that there was chipping. 
All of Elf's nail polishes come in small black boxes, which I think is great for such a budget brand, something that many more expensive brands don't offer. The bottle itself is like any other polish. It is a clear glass bottle with a plastic top.  

This polish costs €1.70 and comes from ELF.   
Would I buy this again?  No, although I really like the colour, the fact that it chips so quickly annoys me.  

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