Saturday, 6 August 2011

Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

Essence claims that this mascara is an 'innovative and flexible synthetic brush' that 'reaches even the shortest lashes in the corner of you eye for perfect lengthening effects from base to tips'. I don't usually like this style of brush, however I actually like this one.  It makes it very easy to coat all of the lashes including the smaller ones on the inside on the eyelid.  So there claim about the brush is true.  The bristles on the brush really do separate the lashes.
The formula isn't waterproof and doesn't claim to be but it also doesn't come off onto my foundation or around my eyes. It is easily removed using a face cleanser or eye make-up remover.  
I think its a combination of the brush and the mascara formula that create the longer looking lashes and do also give a certain amount of volume.  

I usually apply this in the morning and it will last me all day.  It doesn't flake off and leave black marks around my eyes.  Therefore, I could get anywhere from eight to twelve hours from this mascara.
The packaging on this doesn't look very expensive.  In design it's very similar to other mascaras but I think the bright orange colour looks a little cheap. Although it does make it easier to find in your hand bag.
I think this cost approximately €2.50. It is available at Essence stands. 

Would I buy this again? Yes. 


  1. At least a good quality cheap mascara! :)

  2. I've never tried any of the Essence mascaras but this one sounds great.



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