Monday, 1 August 2011

Ms Manicure Brilliant Brows

This set includes a tweezers, safety scissors, 4 eyebrow stencils, 3 shades of eyebrow powder, dome tip brush and a dual-ended angled brush/spoolie.  This set contains all the essential products for perfectly shaped eyebrows.  

I will start with the bad and then move onto the good with this set. 
The main things that I didn't like about this set are the brushes. The bristles were too stiff and were very difficult to work with. The also picked up far too much product and make it difficult to achieve a natural look. Next, the tweezers are not terrible but I find that they are a little bit light and the shape of the tweezers makes it difficult to grasp eyebrow hair.    

Now onto the good things. The stencils provided are natural shapes that are easy to achieve. The scissors are also good for dealing with longer eyebrow hairs at the sides of the eyebrow. My favourite part of this set are the three eyebrow powder shades. When I got this first I thought I would need the darkest of the colours, I was however wrong. The middle brown colour was perfect. There are times when I will need to mix the first and second colour to achieve the perfect colour. That is what I like the most about this eyebrow palette. I can mix any of the colours to get the colour that perfectly matches my eyebrow colour.  The powder is also very smooth and soft to blend into my eyebrows.  

These eyebrow powders last for ages. When I apply the powder in the morning it will last me all day and even if I go out that night. Therefore the staying power from this is fantastic.

I like the packaging on the eyebrow powder as it is simply a flip up top making the eyebrow powder easy to access.  The packaging on the overall product is very simply. It is a simple plastic box with an area to insert each product.

It has been some time since I purchased this but I think it cost approximately €5.99. I got it from TK Maxx. 

Would I buy this again? Yes. I like the eyebrow powder and would like to just purchase this on it's own but I don't think they sell it on it's own so would buy this for the eyebrow powder, as I don't need two sets of the equipment provided.  

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