Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder

Another product from the Urban Decay Urban Bride Set.  
Urban Decay claims that this product is a silky, micro fine powder that fools the eyes with optical blurring and miraculously seems to airbrush skin's imperfections.  It recommends that the finishing powder is used as a finishing touch after foundation or worn alone to create a perfect bare skin look. It also claims that there are tiny water particles that float on the skin's surface and burst when applied.  Also mentioned is the no-mess component with attached puff and handy on/off switch is freeway and subway friendly. 

This is a very fine and silky powder that's give an excellent finish when applied.  To touch it feels very fine and not grainy in any way.  I usually apply this powder over foundation and it gives a great finish. It looks very airbrushed and it is also not drying. It doesn't show any patchiness in foundation and also covers areas where oiliness way be a problem.  

I apply this using two different methods. The first few times that I applied this I used an all over face brush which I though applied this very well. Then I used a stippling brush and felt that this worked better. It blended the powder in more and made it look more natural.  This is a universal shade so it blends to all skin tones.  
The biggest problem with this product is the packaging. As I mentioned above Urban Decay claims it is a no-mess component, this however is not so true, especially when I had to depot the product.   When I got it first I spend some time trying to figure out how to get it out of the container.  It turns out there is a switch on the side that opens and closes the top of the container.  When I did get the container open it was impossible to get any product out. I would tap it on my hand and all that would happen was a puff of powder would come out, not practical for applying to my face. So I had to become a little inventive. I got a small needle and inserted in between the lid and top of the plastic container. I then place a ruler into this area and pressed carefully onto it. This opened it and I placed the powder into a second container where the product was easy to access.

With this powder my foundation remains under control with regards to oil and patchiness for upto eight to ten hours.  An area that I can have problems with when I have foundation on for some time is my t-zone. With this product on it keeps my foundation in place.
As I only had a travel size of this product I do not know the exact price. However, the full size of this product costs $30.00 and it is available at Urban Decay.  It is also available from House of Fraser and costs £20.00.  

Would I buy this again? Yes.  

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