Tuesday, 2 August 2011

July Favourites

I know it's a few days into August so I apologise for being a little bit late with my July Favourites.  

1. I'll start with what I have definitely been using the most. It also made an appearance for the June favourites.  It's Urban Decay's Naked palette.  I still use this nearly everyday and also night for creating different looks. 

2. I have also been using Urban Decay's Supercurl mascara a lot this month since I received it for my birthday. It  really finishes off an eye look and is great for day and night time.  

3. With regards to foundation I have been using Max Factor Lasting Performance. It gives me great coverage and also gives a flawless look.  

4. For priming my eyes before eyeshadow I have been using Revlon Vital Radiance. It gives great longevity to any eyeshadow that I apply and also prevents any creasing.  
5. For my lips I have been using a Benefit lipstick in LaLa Land. I will be reviewing a few of Benefits lipsticks soon. 

6.  I have been using a variety of different blushers and bronzers over the past month. I have been trying to use different ones instead of using my Benefit Coralista and also testing some other's for review purposes.  
7. For my nails I have been using, again, Penny's Cornflower and also Tesco's Barbara Daly Goodbye Yellow.

8. For my brushes I have been using mainly MAC 187 for foundation and No7 concealer brush and also Elf stippling brush for applying my high definition powder. I have used some other brushes too but these have been the ones I have used most.  


  1. Those Penney's polishes really are surprising aren't they? I loves 'em!

    Also srsly need to get my mitts on the Urban Decay palette.

    Pesky spending ban ;)

  2. Yea it's surprising how good they are. I think I have like six of them.

    I put off getting the palette for ages but gave in about two months ago and I'm so glad that I got it now because I always use it.



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