Saturday, 13 August 2011

How to organise your shoes?

I decided to do a different type of post for today.  Aside from my love of all things beauty and cosmetics, I also have a bit of an addiction to all things shoes.  So today I’m going to go through a few ways to organise your shoes since this has been a problem that I have had as I keep adding to the collection.

Firstly, you need to gather all of your shoes in one area. Go around the house and bring all the shoes together in the room that you intend to store them in. 
Secondly,  I would recommend that you go through all of the shoes that you have and then decide on what you actually wear. I know the rule with clothes is if you haven’t worn it in a year then get rid of it. I tend to follow this motto with shoes. I will usually make fours piles. One for what I am keeping, which I then break up into winter and summer shoes.  Then one for disposing of and finally one for charity. 
Thirdly, from the shoes that you have decided to keep establish if they need any repair work. If they do then do this as soon as possible as you will forget until the next time you intend to wear them. 
Next,  look at the area you have for storage. If you have a large area to store your shoes then you will be able to look into bigger storage options such as proper pieces of furniture. If the space you have available is smaller then under bed storage and shoe storage that you can hang up will be essential. 
Fourthly, you should decide on how you want to arrange your shoes, i.e. by colour, type, size. I put all of my shoes together by type, i.e. heels, flat, boots and I will then arrange them by colour. 

- I would recommend that if you have a relatively small shoe collection you should use something like an overdoor shoe bag.
- If you have a medium sized shoe collection then you should use a hanging shoe rack or an extendable shoe rack.
- If you have a large area to store your shoes that I would recommend that you use shoe boxes. This is how I store a lot of my shoes. The boxes can be stacked, it keeps the shoes clean and protected and also you can easily identify easy pair of shoes. 

Lastly, you need to maintain your stored shoes. If you have decided to separate your winter and summer shoes then you will need to swap them twice a year to have the shoes you want available. Also it is important to keep the shoes you use the most near by as it will be easier to see what you need every morning. Finally, care for dress shoes by placing them on a shelf and I would also recommend that you clear them every few weeks to prevent any damage to them or else keep them in boxes.  

So how to you organise your shoes?

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