Sunday, 21 August 2011

Elf nail polish: Purple Pleaser

I have purchased a number of Elf's nail polishes and of the most part they are great. 
Purple Pleaser has a glossy finish however is free from any form of shimmer. I find that the first coat of this polish can be sheer so I usually apply two costs to achieve the result I want.  The first coat of this dries very quickly and the second coat also dries quickly.
I also like that the formula of this nail polish doesn't get thick and the brush applies in smoothly and without any thickness on the nails.

I was  very surprised as to how long this lasts. I can usually wear this for four to five days before I will see the top of the nail polish chipping.  I usually only apply a base coat with this polish and I dont use a top cost as I like the finish that this polish provides. 

This nail polish comes in a small black box. I think this is nice considering the price and many expensive brands don't come like this. The bottle is a rectangular shape with 10ml or .35oz of product inside.  
These are very inexpensive. I paid €1.70 for this nail polish. They are only available online at ELF. They also have really good offers if you like their Facebook page.  

Would I buy this again? Yes. I am currently loving purple nail polish and have use a lot of this bottle. So I will be ordering more of this when I make another order. 

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