Thursday, 18 August 2011

Elf single eyeshadow: Pink Ice

Pick Ice is not actually pink despite what that name suggests. I believed when I was purchasing this that it was a cool pale pink however it is more of a champagne colour. It does have very light particles of gold shimmer. This is a great colour for neutral looks. The eyeshadow is not very tightly packed into the container and therefore there can be some excess on the brush. I usually remove any excess before I apply it and this prevents any fallout. There is a soft texture to this eyeshadow.
I will always use an eye primer with this eyeshadow and that can make it last for approximately eight hours.
This eyeshadow comes in a small cardboard style box with the eyeshadow visible. When removed the eyeshadow is in a small silver circular container. This is then placed within an Elf 4-pan container.
This eyeshadow cost €1.70 and is available from Elf

Would I buy this again? Yes. 

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