Sunday, 7 August 2011

17 blusher: Bramble Frost

Similar to a review I did recently on 17 Plum Puff blush, 17 also claims that this blusher is a 'rosey cheeked to natural colour.' They also have a super soft micro-fine powder. They are dermatologically tested and fragrance free. I own three different shades of this blush. 

Bramble Frost is the lightest 17 blush that I own.  Like the Plum Puff blush there is also great pigmentation in this blush.  I apply this using a blush brush and I sweep it across the apples of my cheeks.  I find this is an excellent colour for someone with pale skin because it is a light colour. Therefore I can apply as much of this as I want as I know that since the colour is light I wont look terrible.  

There is a soft texture to this blush.  There is not a matt blush and does have some very very small shimmer particles.  

This blush lasts on my skin for approximately six to eight hours.   There is the rare occasion that I will  have to reapply. 
The packaging for this blush is the exact same as it was for the Plum Puff blush. The blush comes in a small black round case with a removable lid. 
I think this costs approximately €5.50. It is available from Boots

Would I buy this again? Yes. This is the second pot of this blush that I have purchased.

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