Saturday, 27 August 2011

Revlon Soft on the Eyes Sheer Loose Shadow

These loose eyeshadows are very soft and also very light. These eyeshadows don't have very strong pigmentation and can appear sheer when applied. They are however buildable. I have also used these eyeshadows are a base when creating some eye looks. I have applied these dry, wet and with primer. They are most difficult to work with when dry and can cause a lot of fall out. They show up the most when used with primer. When applied wet they are easier to work with and there is also less fallout. They are also easy to blend out.  There is also a very pleasant smell from these loose eyeshadows. These are shimmery eyeshadows while also very subtle.  
I find that the longevity from theses eyeshadows is not brilliant. I will usually see creasing within fours hours if even that long. That will even occur when I am using an eyeshadow primer.

I do really like the packaging of this product. It comes in a container that when open allows you to access the loose eyeshadow, however when closed it moves a special tray over the eyeshadows that closes the open hole allowing the eyeshadow out. I really like the style of this packaging.
Top row has no primer/bottom row has primer
I paid approximately €6.00 for these eyeshadows. They are available from pharmacies nationwide and also at Revlon stands.

Would I buy this again? No.

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