Thursday, 4 August 2011

Elf Powder Brush

The first of many reviews of Elf make-up brushes. These are great brushes for a budget brand.  

Elf powder brush is one of their brushes from the studio range.  This brush is meant to be used as a powder brush. I however purchased this as I had read many reviews about people using it to apply foundation. This gives a flawless look to cream or liquid foundation that it applies.  
The bristles on this brush are very soft which is great as it is very soft on my face and also doesn't irritate my skin.  Although the bristles are soft they are also tightly packed, making the brush stiff enough to apply foundation.  I have tried using this to apply powder however prefer it for foundation.  
The top of this brush is very flat. This makes it perfect for applying foundation and it also bends with the curves around the nose and eyes to make it easy to apply the foundation. This is a large brush and would be comparable in size to a MAC 187.  
All of Elf's brushes come in a plastic type wrapping.  They also come with a make-up brush cover to protect the bristles on the brush.  

This powder brush comes from Elf and costs €4.00

Would I buy this again? Yes. I bought another brush after I purchased the first one as I used it so much.  


  1. Nice! ELF is so cheap that's cool.

  2. Yea I know and the quality of the brushes are amazing for the price.



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