Friday, 26 August 2011

Elf Shimmering Facial Whip: Spotlight

Elf's shimmering facial whips are great highlights for those who want a highlighter on a budget. I have four different shades of the shimmering facial whips. 
Elf shimmering facial whips are a multi purpose product. While many of the facials whips are similar I did see slight differences in the four that I have and hence I will review them individually.  
Spotlight is a white shimmer facial whip. It contains vitamin B, C and E which is meant to brighten and sooth skin and also ensure that there is no greasy or oily feeling after it is applied. I can agree that there is no oily feeling from this when it is applied.  There is a really nice smell from Spotlight, it has a light orange scent. 
When appling this product I would recommend that only a small amount is used. I remember when I applied it first I used far too much and it was difficult to apply and blend. Afterwards, I used a small amount and it worked perfectly. I applied it to my cheeks and it gave an instantly glowly look. It acted as a great  highlighter and didn't look fake. I have also used it under my eyebrow bone to highlight that area. For Spotlight, I find that I have to shake the bottle as it can come out too liquid to apply it, I don't have to do this with any other shimmering facial whip that I own. It works perfectly afterwards.  
I will apply this over my foundation and sometimes powder and it will always last as long as my foundation stays on. Therefore, it could last for approximately eight to ten hours.
The packaging for this product is very convenient. It comes in a small tube that can be squeezed for the product to come out. This is great because it can be used when you have no other products available, i.e. a brush.  There is 0.34oz or 9.5g of product in this tube.  
This product costs €1.70 and is available from Elf

Would I buy this again? Yes. I have purchased four of these whips and will be buying this shade again. 

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